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Steiff have a “Family collection” where they recreate favorite Teddy bears and animals owned by children from this “royal family” of toymakers.  This majestic lion was owned by Claire Steiff Meisel (Richard Steiff’s granddaughter) and is the second edition in the series.

Claire’s lion is limited to 1000 exclusive pieces worldwide. As with any limited edition piece, if you like it, buy now to avoid disappointment as when they are gone, they are most certainly gone.
All limited edition pieces include a Steiff box and certificate confirming provenance.
These pieces are not designed for play, but to be admired by an adult collector.
All the limited edition pieces are modern day heirlooms to be passed on through generations.
Memories will be made and they will last forever.

Label Colour: WHITE
Colour: blond
Size: 38cm
Weight: 0.903kg

Care Information:
Do Not Wash, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean


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