2001 was the year that the world was introduced to the fictional, angry ogre, Shrek.  The word ‘Shrek’ is derived from ‘Schrek’, the German word for ‘fright’ or ‘terror’. Loved by adults and children alike, Shrek is an animated film featuring adult-oriented humour whilst appealing to children at the same time.  The award-winning film is …

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Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear

On Christmas Eve in 1956, Michael Bond saw a small toy bear left on a shelf in a London store. Feeling sorry for the bear, left alone, he purchased it as a gift for his wife and named it Paddington, as they lived near Paddington Station.  For fun, he wrote some stories about the bear …

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Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter

With so many children’s books and characters, these days it can be hard to keep up with who’s who as they come and go in popularity. One character who has kept their popularity over the years is Peter Rabbit, the main character created by Beatrix Potter, along with Mopsy, Benjamin Bunny and Cottontail.  Born in …

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