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Celebrating Teddy Bear Day

September 9th is a day cherished by teddy bear enthusiasts and lovers of all ages –  it’s Teddy Bear Day! These cuddly companions have been a source of comfort and joy for generations, but where did they come from and why are they so important to us?

A Bear-y Special History

The story of teddy bears began in November 1902, during American President Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. President Roosevelt was an avid hunter and during a hunting expedition in Mississippi, his hunting party cornered a bear. Out of respect for the animal, Roosevelt refused to deliver the finishing blow. The incident was depicted in a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman, a famous cartoonist, and then caught the attention of Moris Michtom a New York toymaker.

Drawing The Line in Mississippi By Clifford Berryman

Michtom was inspired by the story and decided to create a stuffed bear in honour of the president. He called it the “Teddy Bear” combining “Teddy” from President Roosevelt’s nickname and “bear” from the hunting incident. Michtom’s wife, Rose, sewed the first teddy bear, and it became an instant sensation. Due to its popularity, the Mitchoms had to ask if they could use Roosevelt’s name, which he obliged to. The teddy bear’s popularity skyrocketed, symbolising love, comfort, and companionship.

Coincidentally, around the same time as Michtom developed his teddy bear, Steiff was creating their own. Steiff’s legacy of creating high quality, handcrafted teddy bears dates back to 1880 and in 1902, Richard Steiff started designing their own variation of the teddy bear. Inspired by sketches of a bear he had made while at the zoo he presented the idea of a cuddly bear with jointed limbs to his aunt, Margarete Steiff. Initially, the idea was turned down since Margarete thought a bear was too fierce for a toy, but Richard persisted and she finally agreed. Made from mohair and first named Bear 55PB, it debuted at a German toy fair in 1903.

Why Teddy Bears Are So Special

Teddy bears hold a special place in our hearts for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, they provide an unparalleled source of comfort and companionship, offering solace during challenging moments and a warm, secure presence whenever we need it. These soft and cuddly creatures embody the essence of unconditional love – they neither judge nor criticise, always ready to offer and receive affection. Moreover, teddy bears are steeped in memories and traditions, with many families passing them down through generations and incorporating them into cherished celebrations (such as Teddy Bear Day!).

Beyond their emotional significance, teddy bears are valuable educational tools, fostering empathy, nurturing skills, and a sense of responsibility in children. They ignite imaginative play and storytelling, making them not only delightful companions but also essential tools for childhood development.

Discover Your Perfect Teddy Bear from The Steiff Shop

At the Steiff shop, the teddy bears are more than just toys, they are exquisite pieces of art that are built to last. Each Steiff teddy bear is made with meticulous attention to detail and the finest materials, ensuring that they will be cherished for generations. We host a wide range of teddy bears, from classics, plush, limited editions, and baby.

Our Steiff Original Teddy Bear is perfect if you are looking for something traditional. Based on the original teddy and made from a beautiful cream coloured mohair, it would make a beautiful gift for any teddy bear collector. Alternatively, our Steiff Bearzy Teddy Bear from our Soft Cuddly Friends Range has a variety of textures to allow babies to explore their sense of touch whilst snuggling their best friend.

Teddy Bear Day is a day to honour the enduring appeal of these lovable companions So, why not commemorate this special day by bringing home a Steiff teddy bear? Happy Teddy Bear Day!

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