Steiff Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Show him how much you care with a Steiff 

Father’s Day is coming up soon on Sunday 20th June 2021 – have you started thinking about what to buy your Dad this year? 

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, looking for the perfect gift, or even just spoiled for choice from our massive range of Steiff toys and bears, look no further. Our Steiff Father’s Day gift guide includes some great suggestions for what to buy your Dad this year to show him how much he means to you. 

An unusual gift 

If your Dad has enough cufflinks and ‘World’s Best Dad’ mugs to last a lifetime, it’s time to shake things up. You’re probably looking for a thoughtful, unique Father’s Day gift that will surprise him, as well as showing him how much you care. Unwrapping a Steiff toy on Father’s Day to bring back fond childhood memories of a favourite film or TV show and fill him with joy on a special day. 

Perfect for Steiff collectors 

If your Dad already has a Steiff collection, what better excuse to buy him another treasured piece to add to the family! Browse our suggestions below, or go to our Limited Edition page to see all the latest collectable Steiff pieces.  

A family heirloom 

Giving a Steiff toy for Father’s Day isn’t just about the day. Steiff toys are beautifully crafted to the highest standards and can be passed down through generations of your family. So, think of buying your Dad a Steiff this Father’s Day as investing in a family heirloom to make happy memories for generations to come. 

Steiff Father’s Day gift guide 

To make things even easier, we’ve pulled together our top picks for Steiff Father’s Day gifts. From the side-splitting chaos of Looney Tunes to the grumpy-but-lovable Shrek and Paddington the well-travelled bear – there’s something for everyone. 

However, if you already have something in mind, click on the ‘Characters’ tab at the top of the page to browse all our Steiff toys from classic films, books and TV. 

Looney Tunes 

If your Dad grew up on a diet of Sylvester and Tweety, Daffy Duck and Wile E Coyote getting up to no good, our Looney Tunes range is bound to have something that will bring back fond memories of his childhood. 

Tawt you taw a puddy tat? You did! Collectable Steiff Sylvester is fully posable with moving arms, legs and head – and one of only 1,500 pieces ever made. 


Who doesn’t love Shrek, the grumpy green ogre with a heart of gold? Maybe your Dad can feel a bit misunderstood like Shrek, and he’s a big softy once you break through that gruff exterior! 

Explore our range of collectable characters from the movies, including Donkey (Pick me! Pick me!) and Puss in Boots. 


Marmalade lovers unite! Paddington is a classic bear who never goes out of style. Perhaps your Dad is always getting himself into sticky situations like lovable Paddington, or maybe he’s just a fan of the well-travelled bear. 

Whether you’re looking for a collectable Steiff Paddington or a Paddington ornament, our range of Paddington bears (including Aunt Lucy!) has something special for a range of budgets. 

Which will you choose? 

No matter which character you go for, there’s something a little bit special about all Steiff toys. Made with care, with heart-warming expressions and soft fur, your Dad won’t be able to help himself falling in love with his new friend! 

When you buy a Steiff bear from The Steiff Shop, they arrive in an official Steiff box (unless they’re too big to fit!). Collectable pieces also come with a certificate confirming provenance, so you can shop with confidence and receive a beautifully packaged gift – ready to wrap and give as a loving gift to your Dad this Father’s Day. 

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