Steiff Spring Lambs

Spring is a time of renewal and new life… 

Sheep have their lambs in late winter or early spring as they need to eat lots of fresh grass so that they can make milk for their lambs.

Usually the farmer will bring the ewe, or mother sheep, into a barn to give birth. Amazingly, they can have up to four lambs at a time but mostly have one or two. Baby lambs will be looking for food from their mother when they are only 20 minutes old and they can quickly stand on their own.

When they are a little older the lambs go out into the field with their mother. They don’t get lost as the mother recognises her own lamb’s smell and bleating cry.

Steiff Becky Lamb

Children love farmyard animals, Becky lamb will encourage imaginative play, bah bah sheep sounds, as well as snuggle time when tired.  Fully washable, a great addition for any child.

Steiff Pinky & Blue Candy Sheep – Limited Edition

Pinky & Blue Candy Sheep are limited to 500 exclusive pieces worldwide and each one comes with a certificate confirming provenance.These pieces are not designed for play, but to be admired by an adult collector.

Shaun The Sheep Limited Edition – 1976 exclusive pieces worldwide.

Shaun the Sheep is an ornament to adorn your home and be a real talking piece. Steiff have created a few Wallace & Gromit pieces.  If you’re a fan then you won’t be disappointed. These pieces are not designed for play, but to be admired by an adult collector.

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