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The Steiff Lotte Bear in Suitcase is an enchanting plush companion designed specifically for children. With its irresistibly soft and fluffy plush fur, friendly eyes, and meticulously embroidered nose, the Lotte Bear is stuffed with bean bags, ensuring that it sits comfortably and securely. 

What truly sets the Steiff Lotte Bear in Suitcase apart is the inclusion of a charming little suitcase. This suitcase provides ample space for storing various secrets and toys that Lotte and their playmate may desire to bring along on their adventures. Whether embarking on a thrilling road trip or enjoying a fun-filled sleepover with friends, the Steiff Lotte Bear in Suitcase promises to be an exceptional companion for little ones.

This delightful plush bear not only offers unparalleled comfort and companionship but also encourages imaginative play and the safekeeping of treasured belongings. The Steiff Lotte Bear in Suitcase is a must-have for any child seeking a loyal and lovable friend to accompany them on their journey through childhood.


Label Colour: YELLOW

Colour: Multi

Size: 28cm

Weight: 0.355kg

Care Information: 30° C Gentle Wash, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean


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