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Everyone enjoys being hugged, during covid-19 this has sadly become a thing of the past. Many of us have not hugged our families for nearly a year now.

Being alone is okay for a while, but months on end can feel lonely. There are ways to keep in touch with your loved ones, but how can you replace the emotional need of hugging, finding that comfort you once had.

Some of us have pets and are lucky enough to put our arms around our fury friends and express our love and cheer this way. Others are not so lucky.

Children find comfort from cuddly bears and animals, and it is the same for adults to. Do not feel you are too old for a cuddly. Snuggling up to a cuddly brings true comfort, they are so tactile with their plush fur. Some are perfect to sit on your lap while watching tv, where you can hold the bear or animals close to you.

The stroking of the fur is therapeutic and calming. Some adults upon losing their loved one visit our store to buy a special bear, which will sleep where their partner once slept. To help takeaway the loneliness.

Oxytocin is a happy hormone, and these are released during hugging. So be happy and hug a bear or animal today.

Look after your mental health and stay safe!

The Steiff Shop Team x

Best huggers are plush bears/animals with dangly legs, they are lovely and soft to touch and a great comfort.

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